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Welcome to Gripple online shop.

It’s here!

Welcome to the new Gripple buy online USA website. We are excited to offer you this new service and hope that you will find it as quick and easy to use as the Gripple products themselves!

You may already know and love the Gripple products, so just follow the links and we’ll send out your order to reach you within 5 days, and you don’t even have to pay the mail charge.

If you want to know a little more about the Gripple products before you buy, visit, where you’ll find a comprehensive description of both the Agricultural and Industrial Gripple products and how to use them.

It’s good to talk too, so if you want some expert advice, check out the Agricultural Sales Advisors page and give them a call.

Just a little about us

Gripple was established in 1987 in Sheffield, England, originally making wire joiners and tensioners for the fencing market. Now with bases in Chicago and Strasbourg, the 250 strong company now work all over the world, and have sold over 300 million Gripples into the construction industry for hanging services; the wines industry for trellising grapes and the fencing industry for joining & tensioning wire.

But what makes a Gripple so much better that a crimp, splice, ratchet or strainer? Gripple joins and tensions your wire in ONE.

  • The patented design always allows more tension to be applied, so that’s one up on crimps.
  • A Gripple has a simple push fit, so the integral strength of the wire is not compromised, unlike with strainers and ratchets where twisting the wire reduces its strength.
  • In addition, Gripple is really fast to install, saving you time and labor.
  • Once tried, you’ll never go back.



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